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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Love Bad Girls

I have a new favorite show on TV. It’s on the Oxygen Channel and it’s called The Bad Girls Club. It is awesome. It’s about these seven “bad girls” who move into a house in Los Angeles and try to make themselves better. I think by “better” they mean “look like a-holes and drunken ‘hos.” I recommend that you watch this show, and they usually have on a bunch of shows in a row. The only problem is that the appropriately named Ripsi got hammered and kicked off the show after four days when she blacked out and attacked a couple of the other girls. We’ll see how the show goes now that she’s gone, but I will miss my little Ripsi. I’ve learned a lot from her, included that doing shots of tequila in the morning will sober you up after a night of drinking. I hope to someday see her again, hopefully on a season of “The Surreal Life” with Corey Haim and Shannen Doherty. That would really be a dream come true.


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