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Friday, November 03, 2006

When I Drink An IPA, My Pee Really Smells Hoppy The Next Day

I think I’m gonna get to go see “Borat” next week. So I’m pretty excited, as the last movie I saw in the theater was “Failure to Launch” and that really fucking blew sack. And if Borat is half as funny as I think it’s gonna be (and as it’s built up to be), I’ll be happy. I really like Sasha Baron Cohen’s whole Andy Kaufmann-esque persona of being interviewed in character, never as Sasha Baron Cohen. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Da Ali G Show” when I saw the one episode I saw, but maybe I need to give it another shot. Anyway, that’s my exciting news about my future plans.

I went out to a bar last night to watch the first KU game of the season and the West Virginia/Louisville game. I also sang “Hold On” again (sorry, Doncock, that I sang it without you). When the song was done, I told the bar, “Suicide is not the answer,” and then told some random chick at a table while I was walking back to mine, “We’ll make it through this. Just hold on and things will be okay. You have so much to live for!” (She actually laughed much more than I would have imagined, since it really isn’t that funny.) I also had a few glasses of Free State Ad Astra. So when I took a piss this morning, my piss smelled a little like Ad Astra. And I don’t really know why, but that made me smile. Just like when a bird shits on a loud, arrogant businessman’s suit. Yep, just like that.

On that nonsensical note, have a great weekend. Kisses to all!


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