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Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm Pretty Special

This weekend I was kinda taken aback. You see, my wife and friend Timmy threw a birthday party for me at a local brewpub. And a shit-load of people showed up. I was floored. There were probably over 30 people there for my birthday, and I was shocked that that many people would show for that. Granted, the place is pretty cool and my wife reserved “the nest,” a loft upstairs, so we could all be to ourselves, so maybe it wasn’t so much for me as it was a chance to get out and have some good beers on a Saturday night. But anyway, I felt really good about that. Overwhelmed even. I have a lot of great friends and they made me feel pretty good. So I guess I need to stop saying that everyone hates me now. Everyone but about 30 people hate me.

I did more yard work on Saturday, but this time my friend Timmy told me a secret about getting the leaves. He told me to mulch it first, and then go back over it again and bag it. We had even more leaves than we did the previous week, and it took me about four hours and 22 bags to finish it. Well, following the Timmy method, I was done in about a little over three hours and only 12 bags. I actually got compliments from my neighbor’s too about how good of I job I did. I was feeling pretty good about myself. Until Sunday morning (and not just because of my hangover). I looked outside, and sure enough, there were plenty of new leaves on the ground. So you can expect another leave-picking-up story next Monday. I’m sure you can’t wait.


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