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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Everclear = Our Nation's Independence

I think Everclear is the perfect radio band for me. I like them, but I don’t own any Everclear albums and don’t really feel the need. I think it’s because they get played about the perfect amount on the radio. Whenever I hear an Everclear song on the radio, I am pleased. And when the song is done, I’m fine. I don’t have a desire to listen to them more than that. Yet, if it was some station’s “Four Play Weekend” and they played four Everclear songs in a row, I’d be kinda excited about it. Maybe Everclear is the musical equivalent of the Fourth of July to me. You see, I never really look forward to the Fourth of July, yet it always ends up being a great day. But I’m not sad when it’s over either. And I never look forward to a song when the deejay says, “Coming up after the break, it’s Everclear.” Yet, if I keep the station tuned in and I hear “Santa Monica” or some other Everclear song, I’m pretty happy. So basically what I’m saying is that I hope Everclear is playing a concert around her next Fourth of July.


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