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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"The Who?: Rome" (Inside Joke Probably One Person Will Get)

Okay. I feel better today. Thanks for your concern.

Last night my wife was watching “The Bachelor: Rome” while I watched football. I really can’t believe that this show is still on the air. It’s not so much that the show isn’t really that good (which it isn’t, as I’ve seen more of it than I ever would have wanted to), but the fact that these chicks go on the show to find the man of their dreams on a TV show driven by ratings is beyond my understanding. Why can’t they just go to the race track like the rest of us? I guess I just don’t get the appeal. Maybe it’s because they get to be on TV and go to Rome to try to marry an Italian “prince” who doesn’t speak Italian, but that’s just odd to me. But I guess it gives me hope. Maybe I’ll find out I’m an Irish or Croatian prince someday. I won’t even have to learn a new language, apparently.

I’m so happy that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are friends again. Not so much so that they can act like the first syllable of “country” to people on their “reality” show. Really, it’s because I can’t wait for the next falling out to happen. I’m not sure if it’ll be a boyfriend thing, or if Nicole will be hilarious yet again by making a joke out of Paris’s porn tape. Because that’s funny. Anyway, I really can’t wait.

Screech it coming to town this weekend to do his stand-up. I hope he can find some publicity to get people to go see him. I wonder what he could do to help get the word out...

Well, that’s all I have. I think I’m gonna go back and watch the “Buy your own, Quiznos” infomercial I saw last weekend and work on my career. Toodles!


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