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Thursday, October 12, 2006

She Does Charge $1000. An Extra $100 If Someone Else Watches.

I’m exhausted. You see, I’m finally working out again, and I’m just really tired. But I’ve lost eight pounds in two weeks so far, but I still have about 25 more (at least) to go. Just thought if I wrote it on here it would keep me motivated to keep on it.

I know I just wrote about this the other week, but just so you know, watching “SportsCenter” yesterday, the talking heads reminded me at least three times that Corey Lidle’s death “really puts things in perspective.” It was good timing too, because I was really close to offing myself about the Andrew Bogut injury. Now everything’s back in perspective, so I can continue to go about my life.

I find it interesting that Tara Reid is blaming her lack of recent success (or even work) because of a botched boob job and liposuction. I saw a few episodes of “Taradise,” and I’m pretty sure the problem had a lot more to do with her talent (or lack thereof) and that Chick could drink and party like a member of Motley Crue. I mean, I’m pretty sure Beer Trip II would have been a vacation on her liver. At least Paris and Lindsay have the excuse of being young. I’m not sure what Tara’s excuse is (she’s 30). Hopefully for her, she won’t have to make money the way her character wanted to in “The Big Lebowski.” Although it might be her best option.


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