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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I've Definitely Watched Way Too Much "Saved By The Bell"

This past weekend, Kansas City legend Buck O’Neill died. He was truly a great man, and the world is much better off for having him in it. He gained a lot of fame for being such a classy man, as well as being a great humanitarian. The fame and success he gained for his humanitarian efforts was very well deserved.

One person who also was a great humanitarian but never got the proper credit was Zack Morris. Sure, the dude became psycho when Kelly Kapowski dated other dudes (especially Prof. Lasky), but he really was a great human being. Here’s a guy who’s dated chicks in wheel chairs, danced with fat chicks at school dances, dated chick wrestlers, and even dated that lesbian Tori when she was on the show while Jessie and Kelly went to skank camp. I don’t think he’s ever gotten the credit he’s deserved. And I wanted to give him that. Atta boy, Zack!


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