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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Love Political Ads

You may have heard that there’s a battle in Missouri about stem-cell research which is related to the Senate race. And my opinion on this blog is based only on the celebrities on the campaign ads, not the actual issue. I just want to be clear. On one side, there’s an ad with Michael J. Fox endorsing Claire McCaskill because she supports stem-cell research. For me, it’s pretty powerful, because he’s definitely struggling with Parkinson’s Disease and stem-cell research is something that gives him hope. I think having hope is important. So I think he’s an effective person for McCaskill’s cause. On the other side of the ballot for Jim Talent’s campaign, they’re having two athletes who don’t currently have good feelings towards them on the left side of the state because they’ve been part of shitty Kansas City Royals teams, Mike Sweeney and Jeff Suppan. Sweeney has been practically stealing money from the team since he signed his four or five-year contract extension at $11 million a year, and Suppan was no good when he was a Royal but has had success since leaving the team. The Talent campaign also has the star of one of the most controversial movies in the last few years, “The Passion of the Christ’s” Jim Caviezel, who was in a movie that many, if not most, Jews found offensive. And then they have Patricia Heaton from “Everybody Loves Raymond,” a TV show I never saw but from every guy I know who has seen it, says was the biggest bitch wife on the history of television. So just in star power alone, I think McCaskill has a big edge. At least in terms of Royals fans, Jews, and men. Oh, and fans of “Teen Wolf.”


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