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Monday, October 23, 2006

I Approve Jack Shit

Well, the World Series is all tied up at one game apiece, and I’m pretty happy about that. Not because I’m glad that St. Louis won a game on the road or that Detroit battled back to even the series. I’m just glad that there isn’t going to be a sweep. And not because I want to see a long series so that we all can enjoy some baseball for a few more days. I really just didn’t want it to be a sweep, either way. You see, my wife is traveling to Detroit for work this week, and she’ll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. If the series was a sweep, Wednesday night would be the final game, and I really didn’t want her to be in Detroit when the Tigers either won or lost the World Series. Any reason for the city of Detroit to riot, they will. And they do it like no other (that includes you, L.A., although that’s not a challenge). I just know that this week will be a lot better knowing that my wife won’t be in downtown Detroit when the World Series is decided, so I’ll be able to sleep a whole lot better. Whew!

There’s a political ad running in the area which some dude attacks his opponent. Not really news, I know, but this one is kinda special. The dude’s ad claims that his opponent has bad values because she used to work for “Penthouse Magazine.” To me, that’s a bonus. I’m not sure what side of the state line she’s on, but if I can vote for her, I will be. I’m not really even concerned what her stances are on other issues. I whole-heartedly believe that this woman needs to hold some high-ranking political office. Usually I would just vote for her because the dude attacked her in his ad, but more than anything, the ad provided me information that will definitely make me vote for his opponent. I’m really starting to love political ads. Especially now that it appears that they aren’t saying that they “approve this message” at the end of them. Now I’m really looking forward to my birthday, but only because it’s Election Day! Yea politics!!!!


  • At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Timmy said…

    I have not heard of this Penthouse-working candidate! Please provide a name so all of us locals can vote for her. And just think, if they made election day a national holiday like I believe they should, we'd all have your b-day off. How sweet would that be?


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