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Monday, September 25, 2006

Damn, Rachael. Would 20% Kill You?!?!?

Today was my son’s first day of preschool. Hopefully he’s doing well, but it was weird dropping him off at a place that wasn’t his sitter or his “GaGa’s house.” The funny thing was that he’s the new kid at the place, and he right away went in and played and sat down next to other kids like longtime friends. At least as “longtime” as a two-year-olds can be. I think once he got in there he was ready for his mom and me to leave. When we left, the lady there said, “He sure is social, isn’t he?” That’s my kid. He’s probably already the craziest kid there. I have little doubt. Oh yeah, and my wife said she cried as we left preschool. I thought I was gonna be a little emotional, but he was having fun right away so I was fine. I hope that continues.

I meant to write this awhile ago, but this was kinda funny to me. I taped an episode of Rachael Ray’s show “$40-A-Day” because she was visiting a brewery in whatever town she was in. In fact, she’s quite a drinker. She seems to do that a lot on that show. Anyway, my wife was watching it with me, and after Rachael had her dinner and showed the total amount of money she spent that day, my wife goes, “Well no wonder why she can get by on spending less than $40 a day! She’s a shitty tipper!” To me, that was pretty damn funny. And true by the way! Get on it Rachael. Quit being so fucking cheap!

Oh, and the Flying Monkey Brewery Open House was awesome. I must have told each of the five owners at least three times each that they need to bring back their Christmas Ale. I just hope it works.

Alright. I’m working on having more of these this week, but we’ll see. Love ya!


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