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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Hope That Song Was About Lisa Turtle Or Another "SBTB" Actress

Almost every day when I go to work, I take my son to either the babysitter’s or my mother-in-law’s house to watch for the day. So in the car ride to drop him off, I usually have on a Wiggles CD for my kid to listen to. And it really sucks having to listen to “Quack Quack Quack Cockadoodle-doodle-do” and “Hot Potato” EVERY MORNING. It’s not so much that the songs are horrible, but more to the fact that I have to hear them EVERY DAY! And then one of the songs will be in my head the rest of the day. Usually either “Fruit Salad” or “Toot Toot Chugga-Chugga Big Red Car.” And when I get back in the car after dropping him off, I immediately change stereo to the radio, just hoping that some song that I like is on the radio so I can have a different song in my head all day. Sometimes I don’t even care if the song is good. I usually put on the local Jack FM station (the station that plays every pop song from the last 40 years) because they’ll usually have something that will do the trick. Although sometimes it backfires and it’ll be Journey or Foreigner, and then I’ll have to change the station right away and usually not find anything else on the radio and be stuck with the Wiggles in my demented head. Well, yesterday, after hearing “Dorothy the Dinosaur” for the 1,749th time this month, I turned to Jack FM. The song that came on was “Crazy For This Girl” by Evan and Jaron. Now, I know, that song is pretty lame, but for some reason I kinda like it still. You see, about eight years ago I was a promotions intern at a radio station, 102 The Zone. It was an adult alternative station, and when I was there the station just changed formats and I was actually their only intern. So the semester that I was there, we didn’t have a whole lot of big time promotions because the bands that came in town usually didn’t come to see us. They’d go to the more established stations and have fun on their wacky “Morning Madhouse Zoo with Deke and Dave” or whatever the fuck they call the stupidest radio shows on the air in every city. Well, one of the first ones we had was a coffee shop show for Evan and Jaron. It literally was at a coffee shop a half block from the station, and I’m not even sure they promoted it on the air. I didn’t even know who Evan and Jaron were, and I’m guessing most of you still don’t know them. Anyway, I had to walk with Evan and Jaron to the coffee shop with their guitars and their other equipment. One of them was pretty friendly, and the other one I think was dating someone in Hollywood and was talking on his cell phone to her. Maybe that’s who they wrote “Crazy For This Girl” about. We got there, and the friendly one went to use the pay-internet there while I helped set up the area where they’d perform. When I was done (which took about five minutes, maybe less), one of them offered me a tip for helping them. I didn’t accept it, but ever since I kinda liked them. I thought that was pretty cool of them. So lame as that song may be, I was glad that song was in my head all day. I just hope I wasn’t accidentally singing it out loud or anything.


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