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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It Would Have Been Worth Him Doing It If I Would Have Caught Him Doing It

So this weekend I went to a friend’s parents’ lake house (after I worked a game on Saturday night), and we had a really good time. Especially my kid, who loved swimming and playing in a fountain, and throwing a ball into a lake for our friends’ dog. The only thing that wasn’t ideal was listening to the kids listen and watch “The Wiggles” over and over and over again. If I never have to hear “Dorothy the Dinosaur” again, I will be a better person. It was a really fun time swimming with the kids and hanging with friends.

Oh yeah, and someone keyed my car on Saturday night, either at the stadium or the casino (it was dark, so I couldn’t see it at night), so that wasn’t really a good start to my weekend. Actually, it really sucks, as it’s about a four-foot scratch along the side of my car. That was really cool of whoever did that, and I am happy about it. Thanks random asshole!

Well, today has been catching up after being out the last few days, so this is all I have today. Have a great rest of your day.


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