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Friday, July 28, 2006

Are You Ready To Rock, Kansas?!?!?!?!?

Well, this weekend is coming, and it should be a busy one. First off, one of my wife’s friends is coming into town to hang out tonight, which will be kinda fun, I think. Tomorrow, we take the kid to Gymboree and I work a soccer game at night. And on Sunday, after a day of doing yard work and other household chores, I’ll be going to see Rancid play with a couple of friends from work. That will be interesting, since they are a punk band and I do not look at all like a punk music guy. Being 31, I’ll probably be the oldest person in the house when they’re playing, and I’m sure I’ll stick out, kinda like Ace Ventura when he went to the Cannibal Corpse concert. I won’t dance like him though, I promise. I am really looking forward to it though, as they are one of my favorite bands, definitely in my top three. And probably my favorite band that is still together, so I’m pretty pumped about it. And who knows, maybe I’ll get in a fight with some teenage punk and it’ll be the best concert ever. Especially if they play, “Salvation.”

You have a great weekend, and I’ll tell you all about mine on Monday.


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