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Friday, June 23, 2006

To Quote My Son: "Go Brewers!!!!!!!"

I’m pretty excited today. My favorite team in any sport, the Milwaukee Brewers, is coming into town. I am going to the games tonight and tomorrow, and maybe even on Sunday (which I just found out is the only game that isn’t on local TV). So we’ll see. But man, I am really excited.

Yes, I was serious when I said that I loved “Maury” yesterday.

And Beer Trip II is only 40 days away! Woo hoo!

So “Last Comic Standing” is back on the air. And so far, I’ve been really disappointed. First of all, they let some of the least funny “comedians” I’ve ever seen on the show. The elimination portion of the show is where the comedians go to a booth and say, “I know that I am funnier than…” and say which other contest they are funnier than. Well, of the twelve people who are on the show, I know that I’m funnier than at least four of them. Hell, Tiger Woods, Jake Boot, and cancer jokes are funnier than most of them. Luckily this last week, they kicked off the absolute least funny person I’ve ever seen do stand-up in my life. That’s not an overstatement either. She was this pregnant chick named Stella, and her act was the most unoriginal, unfunny thing I’d ever seen. Example: She told the “joke” about how her husband doesn’t remember getting her pregnant, and she said she told him that he was drunk. Then she said, “But really, he was out of town!” Hardy-har-har. Didn’t Joan Rivers tell that joke on the old “Tonight Show?” The one hosted by Jack Paar? And it wasn’t like she just told that joke once. She used it at least one other time on the show, and possibly four times total. You’d think the lack of laughter the first time would have proved to her that it sucked, but oh no! Actually, she laughed at the joke, so she probably couldn’t tell that no one else did. The other thing that was disappointing was that the hot chick got kicked off. That never helps. I’m not sure who I like most right now, but the guy who looks like Screech and has cerebral palsy is probably the favorite. And at least he is a little funny. I hope he writes new jokes, as the ones I’ve heard so far have been a little funny, but I’ve heard them all at least a couple of times now. But at least he didn’t steal them from that chick Geri from “The Facts of Life.” I don’t think, at least.

Can I say that the line “Hug it out!” (or “Hug it out, bitch!”) is not funny, except the first time it was said on “Entourage?” Please don’t say it. Go back to saying, “Yeah, baby!” like Austin Powers or “Whazzzup!” from the Bud Light commercials, because that’s just as fresh.

Well, have a great weekend. I think I will.


  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger eatmisery said…

    What's the itinerary for Beer Trip II? Anywhere special? Chicago, perhaps?

  • At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Doncock said…

    ::sigh:: Beer Trip.


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