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Monday, May 15, 2006

What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Being Surreal?

Sorry again for my lack of posting lately. It’s been pretty tough, because my responsibilities at work have increased a lot for the next few weeks (even though I don’t write these at work). So I have been on a lot of conference calls, attended a lot of meetings, and dealt with more issues than I have been used to. But enough of me bitching …on to random crap.

Last night was the season finale of “Surreal Life” (which I haven’t seen yet), and I noticed that I didn’t mention anything about this season yet. Well, I will now.

Steve from Smashmouth seems like an okay guy, and when he talked about his son who died was probably the closest I’ve been to crying while watching a TV show in my life. Seriously.

Mavin also seems like a pretty solid guy. He hasn’t really gotten a lot of face-time on the show, but he seems likeable enough. I wish they showed more of his pill popping and drinking, but oh well. There’s always room for a potential reunion cast.

There is something weird about George Jefferson. When I watched the season premiere of the show this season, I watched it with my wife and mom. My mom mentioned that he was rumored to be gay, which I had never heard before (she even looked it up and apparently it is a popular rumor). After that, I kinda noticed that he was always out of the picture as if he was trying to hide something, and it made me think about my mom’s comment. I’m not saying that I think George Jefferson is gay, but if he was, his behavior would make more sense to me. And his dealing with Mr. Willis would also make more sense.

The Playboy chick (I honestly can’t think of her name and I’m too lazy to look it up right now on the internet) reminded me a lot of some random semi-hot chick that you’d see at a college party. The one who’d talk about her tits and all the frat boys would gravitate to because of that, thinking she was cool because she talked about since and that they’d have a chance with her. I don’t think that she is anything more than a little cute, while she does have a great body. Plus she drinks a lot and gets naked quite often, so she seems really slutty, like Florence Henderson was telling her she seemed. So maybe those guys really did have a shot with her.

Alexis Arquette to me is one of those people who acts differently just to be different, knowing that he/she is doing being different, yet snaps if someone mentions something about him/her being different. It reminded me a lot of this Goth guy from my freshman year at college who did all these things to be different, yet flipped out on people the day he decided to wear a dress. I mean, anyone with any common sense (which this guy had) knew that wearing a dress to class was going to get a reaction out of people (like that wasn’t his purpose in doing that in the first place), so why flip out when someone casually asks, “Dude, what’s up with the dress?” If I was going out to a bar and wearing a mesh cut-off shirt and a bright pink banana hammock, I sure as hell better be ready for some reaction. I learned that the hard way.

I really like C.C. Deville. I think he’s a really good guy. I am happy for him when he does things sober, and I just find him to be very likeable. I know that he was a dick when he was in Poison and high or drunk all the time, but right now, he seems like a really good dude. He’s a guy I wanna go out and have a beer with. Oops!

Tawny Kataen is a fucking nutcase. I’m not sure if she has any redeeming values as a person, at all. Well, besides not knowing how to say “temper tantrum” properly, incorrectly calling Auschwitz “Ouch-Fitts”, or making a racist joke during her talk show pilot, all of which made me laugh out loud. Besides that, she is worthless. As far as I know, she is famous for being married to Chuck Finley and David Coverdale, and for being a complete whack-job. But I’m sure she’s not on any drugs. Nuh-uh. No way!

So basically, I still love “Surreal Life” and look forward to hopefully watching the finale tonight. The ideal ending would be a fight to the death between Tawny and Alexis, with Alexis emerging victorious. But it’ll probably end with people crying, a cake fight, and George Jefferson saying something to the effect of, “Thosepeopleisfreakingcrazy!” with subtitles. Gotta love it when someone’s English is subtitled in English!

Have a great day!


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