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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quick Kid Story

I try not to do this very often, but I just thought this was a funny story about my kid. Yesterday my wife was off of work and stayed home with my son, and we decided to meet at McDonald’s for lunch so he could play in the play area after eating. So we finish eating and he’s playing, being a knucklehead like always. There’s this older kid there, probably about five or so, and he starts climbing up the slide. The kid’s mom runs over and tells the kid to get down. The kid continues to climb up the slide, and the mom yells, “Conner, don’t make me count to three!” The kid stopped, but didn’t come down. Then the lady yelled, “Conner! One!” Then my son ran over to the lady and said, “Two, three!” My wife and I started cracking up, as my kid loves to count, and even the lady couldn’t help but laugh. Even her kid started laughing and then came down the slide. I think my boy will had a great future as a negotiator.


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