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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Bet Tony Lives

Hey guys. How’s it going? Sorry about no posting yesterday. I’ve been kinda busy. I know you understand, and I appreciate it. I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday night I didn’t do anything. On Saturday, a friend and his wife came in town, and they are beer dorks like I am, so Timmy, Caddylac, and I met them in the afternoon at the Boulevard Brewery for a tour. The tour was okay, but I was mildly amused because the tour guide had obviously been drinking some beer for a few hours. They don’t serve any samples until the tour is over, but he had his full glass before the start of the tour and seemed to be well on his way at the end of it. He seemed to know the basics of the tour, but when Caddylac asked him what hops they used in their Pale Ale, he had no idea. I only had two of the five-ounce samples of their “test beer”, an India Pale Ale called “Zeus” which was the best Boulevard beer I’ve ever tasted, because I was driving. But it still was interesting. After the tour we all went to McCoy’s Public House for some more beers and to watch the KU-Nebraska basketball game (which KU won). We had a pretty good time, and then we parted ways for a few hours so we could go home and see our families. Later that night, we again met them up at the 75th Street Brewery for some more beers until about 11PM when we all were pretty tired. I had a great time, they were really cool people, and I’m sure well be meeting up with them again sometime soon.

On Sunday, I didn’t do much besides avoid tornadoes and watch basketball. I was pretty happy to see KU win the Big 12 Championship, so I was in a good mood. That night I watched the season premiere of “The Sopranos” and was pretty underwhelmed, even with the “shocking” ending. The main problem for me with “The Sopranos” is the same problem I have with “Entourage”. So many people love these shows. And I like these shows. But out of a typical ten-episode season, they both have one terrible episode, two bad episodes, three so-so episodes, two good ones, one great episode, and one outstanding episode. “Entourage” is really like this. Probably the best episode of any show that I’ve seen in a long time is the “Entourage” where Ari gets fired. It was awesome on so many levels. It was hilarious in parts, dramatic in others, and all-in-all 25 minutes of entertainment. But then they’d have episodes after that which focused on Vince dating Mandy Moore and they sucked for the most part, besides an occasional Johnny Drama or Turtle remark. The latest episode of “The Sopranos” was a “so-so” one, in my opinion. And they’ll have one episode that will be so good that everyone will give them a free pass on the next few ones after that that are below-average. It happens every season. I just hope this year they make more of the good ones and less of the shitty ones.

Well, have a good one.


  • At 10:18 AM, Blogger eatmisery said…

    I bet Tony dies and the whole final season is done without him, only in flashbacks.

    Watch, my Dear Fisty.

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger justrose said…

    i am such a crappy reciprocal blogger. i am sorry i haven't been around. i just wanted to say hi!

    hope you're well fisty.


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