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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Fist Tickle Brick's Mom Or Dad...Come On Down!!!"

I’m really proud of my dad. You see, he and my mom are out in California helping to taking care of my uncle who just had knee surgery. Anyway, while they are out there, they are trying to find things to do to keep them entertained. Actually, my mom is doing that. Which is why I am proud of my dad, because he is going along with all of that. Last week, he went with my mom to a taping of “Dr. Phil”. The funny thing is that apparently it was a really boring episode, and my mom had to keep poking my dad because he was falling asleep (and he’s a LOUD snorer). Anyway, today I am really proud of my dad. My parents had to wake up really early this morning so that they could get tickets to be on “The Price is Right”. That’s right, baby, my parents are gonna be on “The Price is Right”. Hopefully they will get to play Plinko or the mountain climbing game with the yodeling guy (“Yo-de-do-de, yo-de-do-de, yo-de-do-de, doh!”). I told my mom that she needed a shirt that said she was a former “Barker’s Beauty”, but I don’t think she will. My dad is probably going to wear a Kansas t-shirt with his rainbow suspenders, which I’m pretty sure will get him on Contestant’s Row. So besides being really excited for them, I am impressed with my dad. He is really being a good sport. I hope they win another motor home so I can use it for Beer Trip II in August. Yes, I am a selfish bastard.

I don’t know how many people watch “24” and read this, but here is my quick little take on the show this season. I am pretty sure that this show is being written by the White House. They are trying (and being successful) to make President Logan look like the biggest moron/president ever. I don’t care what you think about President Bush; there is no way that he could be as incompetent as Logan is on “24”. There is simply no way possible. Logan even looks stupid, with his tilted head whenever he has a serious issue he has to deal with. The guy who plays him must have learned that in some remedial acting class. And I am pretty sure all of this is on purpose, so that no matter what Bush does, acts, or says, it can’t be nearly as bad as what Logan would do. I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing that in some White House press conference soon.: “Yes, the President did think it was a good idea to send a SWAT team firing into the orphanage to track down the escaped embezzler, but it was a much better move than what President Logan would have done on ‘24’. He probably would have dropped a bomb on the entire building or even block. So really, you should be grateful that we have President Bush and not someone like President Logan. Next question!” I really believe this.

Well, cross your fingers that my parents will win on “The Price is Right” today. I think the show will be on in March, so if my parents win or are on, I will let you know. Have a great day.


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