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Friday, August 12, 2005

Mr. C is one boring MF'er

What up peeps! Mr. C here, just so you know.

Well I didn’t hear from Fisty yesterday so I’m not sure where his drunken ass is, but I’m sure he’s snuggled up tight next to Timmy where ever their journey has taken them.

Well, here at work everyone seems to be in a swell mood, I personally think it is because of the “Jeans” day we are having. Is there anything better in the world than having the opportunity to wear jeans to the workplace? I think not. (Sarcasm, just incase you needed to know). What is it about the whole “I gots to have dem jeans on” craze? Without fail when ever there happens to be a Director level meeting somebody has to ask….”When are we going to be able to wear jeans on Fridays again?”…..I just don’t get it, especially when it’s 95 degrees outside…..nothing like wearing some thick ass denim instead of those nice light Dockers, or for the ladies a nice sundress or Capri’s. Nope, somebody fights the good fight and battles on for the right to wear jeans. Good luck with that!!

Well it seems Major League Baseball is becoming quite the contact sport lately, whether it is from a baseball leaving the bat and cracking some dude on the melon or these to cats from the NY Mets meeting with their faces.

I think this might be my last non-soccer related weekend until Labor Day weekend and then after that, I go until October 22nd. Yippee!! I guess I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I just wish I had another “crazy parent” story like my first season of coaching but I don’t. Well for all you parents that have to wheel your kids to soccer, football, cheerleading, volleyball or whatever else might be out there, have fun with it, let you kid have fun with it and enjoy their successes…and for all of you with out kids to watch, go out and enjoy your weekend doing whatever you see fit and look forward to fisty’s return. Love to All!!!


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