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Monday, July 25, 2005

Quick Weekend Recap

Sorry, catching up at work after vacation isn’t that easy. At least not for me. The vacation was great. My son was awesome on all four flights we took, not really making much noise at all. We were really fortunate with that. The trip itself was a lot of fun, as my son got to meet his great-grandmother, a great-uncle, a couple of great aunts, and some cousins. I love the town where my wife’s grandma lives too, as it really reminds me of Wisconsin in the summer. Although there are less mosquitoes than in Wisconsin, which is helpful. We even went to a really good brewery and so-so brewpub while we were there, so my trip was definitely complete. My wife was very sweet about all that, so I had a great time as expected. I hope to go back every year.

Oh yeah, we played the game Catch Phrase late one night, which was a lot of fun with people I don’t know too well. Anyway, the highlight of the evening was the last word, which was “gratuity”. My wife’s aunt thought it was “gravity” and described it by talking about how when women get older their boobs sag because of it. It was pretty funny, and even funnier when she found out the word was actually “gratuity”. It’s an easy mistake though. Like confusing “tip” and “tit”.

I really don’t have much else to write now, especially since I’m trying to catch back up at work. I’ll try to have more stiff for you tomorrow. Love you.


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