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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Don't Know Why A Hamburger Would Need To Be "Re-bunned"

I know you don’t really want to read about it, but holy shit am I fucking tired again! The in-laws’ dog woke us up with his howling this morning at 2:55 AM and 5:15 AM. My wife was none to happy about it. At the 5:15 AM instance, I thought she was going to murder the dog (not really, but she was pretty pissed). Although she did get a huge kick out of my sleep talking right before we got out of bed for the 2:55 AM wake-up howl, in which I apparently said, “We need to re-bun the hamburgers for my Uncle Tom.” I have no idea what that means, but my wife literally had tears in her eyes she was laughing so hard about that. She tried to keep asking me what I was dreaming about, although she wasn’t too successful since she couldn’t actually speak since she was laughing so hard. It didn’t matter though. I rarely remember my dreams anyway. Which is good, because they’re probably all gay.

I’m so thrilled about the new Supreme Court Justice Nominee being announced, because speculation is that the issue of abortion will once again become a huge national issue regarding him being confirmed. I’m not really pro-choice or pro-life. I’m just tired of the topic. People on both sides are so set on their opinions that they aren’t going to change them, so having a debate about it is pointless to me. They aren’t going to go anywhere with it, so why bother. I really just can’t freaking wait to hear people debate it now!

I don’t want to persuade any of you to believe in any one specific thing (except for the greatness that is “Surreal Life” and the shittiness that is Toby Keith), but if you want to know more about L. Ron Hubbard, the nutjob who invented Scientology, go to this link and you can read all about his wacky ideas and antics. Maybe afterwards you’ll want to jump on couches and proclaim your love of Katie Holmes too. Ya never know.

I won’t have another entry for the rest of the week, unless someone wants to write a guest entry for me (email me if so). I will be out of town in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes. I’m looking forward to it. The city where my grandmother-in-law lives is a charming little town that reminds me of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, except that the lake in NY is one of the cleanest lakes in the country. It should be a good time, as I always like visiting there. But I will not have any internet access, at least as far as I know. So not only will I be unable to post any new entries, but I will lose my 100% dedication/perfect attendance to the beer site where I was “Member of the Week”. How tragic! Anyway, I hope you can get by, and I will let you know all about my trip on Monday. Kisses!!!


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