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Monday, July 11, 2005

Andre The Giant Would Be Cool Too

I’ll do this quick. First of all, happy birthday to my mom. I love ya! You’re the best! Secondly, I’ve finally seemed to settle in at my new office for work. I’m already a little bummed because I can’t pick up the sports talk AM stations or the best FM station at my desk. Other than that, I at least have a bigger cube, although I don’t really need all the space. Most of my friends are still at the old building, but I guess I’ll get by. No one wants to hear me complain about something so small and stupid as a work move anyway.

I went to an after-work happy hour on Friday for Rob Deer’s birthday at Old Chicago. Good enough time, but one thing was the most interesting to me. The waitress apparently is the daughter of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. You know, the WWF guy from the 1980s who gave his opponents the DDT and then let his snake Damian crawl all over them. Anyway, I found this to be absolutely fascinating. Every time that she came to the table, I yelled, “From Stone Mountain, Georgia!!!” And it got me to thinking, who do you think would be the coolest guy to tell other people that he was your dad? I think Jake “The Snake” would be at the top of the list. I mean, it’d be cool to have Michael Jordan as your dad, but people would always expect you to be an awesome basketball player because your dad was, even if you were a girl. Plus they’d probably want some money. That would kinda suck. A famous politician like Bill Clinton or Dubya would also be sorta cool, but some times it would suck because around half of the people would think he was an asshole. George Clooney’d be a cool dad, but the chicks you’d date would probably rather fuck him than you, and if you were a girl, all your girlfriends would probably want to do him. Ditto for a rock star. But with Jake “The Snake”, I don’t think people are going to expect you to be a future ‘Rassler! And he wasn’t really the most handsome of guys. So regardless of whether or not this guy would be the coolest or best dad, I think the coolest one to tell people that he was your dad might be Jake “The Snake”. At least that’s my opinion.


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