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Monday, June 27, 2005

An Oldie, But A Baddie

Here is an excerpt from an entry from my old site that a few people have asked me to repost since my old site is locked. Enjoy:

The other night the bug zapper was really zapping and I was bored, so I thought I’d go for a drive. It was really warm and humid outside, and my a/c wasn’t working, so I thought I’d go see my friend Karl who had central air since I was so getting really hot. Karl was watching “Who’s the Boss?” starring Tony Danza when I got to his apartment. He was searching for a tea bag while making his own rim-shot sound after every punchline from the show. Well, I didn’t really want to watch the show and he was annoying me, acting like a real donkey. Punch was on the table, but he didn’t even offer me any. So I thought that I’d take my car to the Kansas City Car Wash since the Chemlawn guy got it all dirty. Sanchez was the guy’s name who worked there, at least according to his name tag. He was a Harry Houdini looking guy with a huge tattoo of an angry dragon, and I quickly left after doing that. By the way, does anyone else thing that a car wash’s brushes look like a frothy walrus when they go over your windshield during the car wash? I do. I know that I mentioned before how bad radio is here in Kansas. Pink, Britney Spears, and other skanks dominate the airwaves, so I put in a CD of rusty trombone music instead. I was driving down the Bourneville Boulevard when I started getting hungry. I had a lot of choices that I could get, like chicken from the Colonel, Angus hamburgers from Burger King, Nutty Bars from the 7-Eleven, but I just decided that it was better to just get something from the dirty Taco Bell around the corner and head home since I was really tired.


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    It's totally sick that I know exactly what you're saying without even looking it up. Very, very clever, my friend!

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