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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm Still Bummed Sean Young Didn't Show It All, Though

Yes, I did buy “Stripes” yesterday. It’s pretty sweet. While I didn’t have time to watch the actual movie, I did watch the “making of” part which I found pretty interesting. I also watched the deleted scenes, one which was pretty bizarre and that I’ll have to watch a couple hundred more times. There was another deleted scene that I can’t understand why they wouldn’t have kept it in the original theatrical release. It was a scene with a topless P.J. Soles! Not that she had the best rack ever (although I’m a fan of all racks), but she was the main love interest in the movie and she filmed topless scenes, and then they didn’t use them? I don’t understand their thinking at all. Sure, “Stripes” was one of the top five money-grossing films of 1981, but I think adding that scene would have blown “Raiders of the Lost Ark” out of the water.

Yesterday a teenager came to my house to sell candy for what he said was his organization to keep kids like himself off drugs and out of gangs. I’m pretty sure the thing was bullshit, because he was selling those 10-packs of Twix you can get at the grocery store for $2 out of one of those $2.50 little plastic bins you get at Wal-Mart for $5.95 a pack. I passed, but not after laughing when he went through his spiel. I’m not 100% on this, but it seemed like he was preparing for the Orlando Jones role in a remake of “Office Space”: “Yes sir I am selling candy for my organization to keep kids like myself off of drugs and out of gangs and I am selling candy which you can purchase one for $5.95 or two for $10 and it will go towards keeping kids like myself off of drugs and out of gangs and instead take trips to places and do fun things like ball games and museums and other fun and educational activities to avoid the trouble that many kids my age get into like drugs and gangs and committing crimes by keeping us out of harms way and putting us on the right path to a better future.” Um, no thanks, but feel free to come back when you have a crunch bar for me and a caramel bar for my wife.

Apparently some of my paragraphs are too long (according to sarcastic comments by A.D.D. persons), so consider the rest of this entry to be for them.

Anne Bancroft died on Monday, and that is sad. She was outstanding as Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate”, one of the best movies of all-time. If you’ve never seen it, you need to.

Shiny things are pretty!

Has anyone ever gone from superstar A-List celebrity to national joke faster than Tom Cruise after his “Oprah” appearance? I don’t think so.

I like how Brad Pitt says he wants less attention, and he goes on “ABC Primetime Live” to tell Diane Sawyer so.

Madonna wrote her last children’s book apparently. How sad! How else will I be able to teach my son about the Kabbalah? So I guess she’ll go back now to making books about her vagina.

I’m kinda bummed that I will be moving to a new building on July 8th. I do have a few friends there that I don’t get to see as much, which will be cool, but most of my pals work here and my building now is about 10-15 closer to my home than the new one will be. So that sucks.

But at the same time, I’m also pumped because I think Timmy is gonna come with me on the beer trip. Should be fun.

Well, no entry tomorrow as I have two meetings in the morning. Sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Well, I guess there is, but nothing that I want to do about it. Ta-ta!


  • At 1:32 PM, Blogger justrose said…

    I agree that shiny things are pretty.

    Thanks for the short paragraphs, although I'm not one to complain.

    Not here, anyway.


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