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Monday, June 20, 2005

Does Scientology Make Water Purifying Filters Too?

What a weekend! My wife comes home, I worked the Chiefs “Mini-Camp Sneak Preview” on Saturday, and cleaned up on Father’s Day. If I knew how much cool shit I’d be getting for Father’s Day, I would have been knocking up chicks a long time ago. Yeah, I know, like that would have been up to me. The chances of me scoring and having kids out of wedlock like an NBA player wouldn’t even work if I was an NBA player.

I’m so happy for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I wish nothing but the best for those crazy kids. And I’m glad Cruise found a mate to convert to Scientology. That’s great. Although to me, Scientology seems like Amway or Equinox. It really does. I don’t really know how it works, but to hear people talk about it reminds me of people trying to sell an Amway-type scheme. I’m pretty sure Cruise is getting 10% of whatever Katie Holmes is giving to the Church of Scientology. I haven’t read up on Scientology, but it just sounds to me like L. Ron Hubbard was wanting to make a lot of money, so he thought he’d invent a religion and get the most famous and influential crazy person to support it. He found Tom Cruise. It’s apparently working. If I was going to do that myself, I’d have gone after Mel Gibson. But I guess he’s already committed to another religion already. Damn.

That’s it for today. Bye.


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