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Monday, June 13, 2005

Dig Deep!

Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I really wanted Doncock to be surprised when he got his Christmas present. So, what was the greatest gift ever given? Let me start with a little background first. Anyone who’s ever read my entry more than five times (especially in the last week) and isn’t a retard knows that my favorite movie of all-time is “Stripes”. Well, Doncock’s favorite movie of all-time is “American Anthem”. He absolutely loves it. Loves the acting, the storyline, the powerful gymnastics scenes, all of it. Most of all, he loves Mitch Gaylord. So what I bought for him was a personally autographed picture of Mitch that said, “To Don, Dig Deep, Mitch Gaylord LA ‘84”. Pretty sweet, huh? And if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense why it took seven months and two days to get. I’m guessing that the demand of Mitch Gaylord autographs is pretty high. Especially when one of the greeting choices is “Dig Deep”. So if you are looking to get someone that special gift, a gift of inspiration, determination, and love, you better go to this site now, because Christmas is only six and a half months away.

I have to make a clarification on my last entry. The women’s football team that played wasn’t the Kansas City C’r’unch’. It was the Kansas City Storm (even though I’ve have a day and a half to think about it, I couldn’t come up with a clever acronym or contraction for that). A more fitting name would have been Slumpbusters. Anyway, the game was about what I expected, as the skill level was about that of a middle school team. Although the sizes weren’t. One chick was listed at 6’3”, 220 pounds, but she easily weighed 250. I was shocked to see that her job was “bar manager”, which I think meant bouncer. Seriously, that chick could have kicked my ass in about a second. Which I guess isn’t saying much since I’m kind of a pussy, but still. Another “woman” on the team was nicknamed (by the spotter who works for the team, I might add) “Spongebob”. She was listed at 5’2”, 250 pounds, but there was no way possible that she weighed less than 300 pounds. I seriously don’t think it would be possible to tackle her, as I just think she’d start rolling. They also had players listed at 5’5” 300 lbs. and 5’9” 320 lbs. It was pretty scary. The game itself was pretty boring, so boring that I only said once after a completed pass, “Nice snatch!” I’m kinda disappointed in myself for that. But the team won, and I guess they’ll be playing in Overland Park on the 18th. I may just have to head down there and be a Storm groupie. Although I might have to wait until I’m in a slump first.

Well, I have a short day (again) because I have to drive my wife to the airport as she is leaving for the week to visit her pal in Mexico City. You all have a great week.


  • At 12:39 PM, Blogger eatmisery said…

    My sister lives in Overland Park. I may have to make her go to that game!

  • At 2:30 PM, Blogger justrose said…

    mitch gaylord! now there's a blast from the past.

    ah, 84. thank you for this nostalgic moment courtesy of you.


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