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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

(Tell Me Why!) I Don't Like Tuesdays After A Three-Day Weekend

I’m kinda bummed. Not that the three-day weekend is over (which has me exhausted, by the way). It’s because I just found out that millionaire/heiress/skank Paris Hilton is engaged. And I have to add, engaged to a guy named Paris (not a Carl’s Jr. hamburger as first reported). And that is fitting since it’s pretty obvious that she’d marry herself if she could. I’m sure her marriage will be as successful as her sister’s, who I think was married for about four months. So now that she is officially “off the market”, I guess I need to focus on other things. Like what to get the Parises for a wedding present. Because I’m pretty sure my idea of a night-vision video camera has already been taken by someone else. Probably that guy from Sum 41.

Happy Birthday Potsie even though you don’t read this.

The weekend was okay. Friday night we taped the woodwork, fixtures, mirrors, and ceiling in preparation of our weekend of painting. On Saturday, we began the painting process until the boy woke up. We also took a nice walk to the park, where the boy spent about an hour on the swing. After that, I worked at the soccer game, where the home team won and which had a “fireworks spectacular” following it. Let me tell you, it was quite spectacular, like all fireworks displays are after you turn twelve and when it’s not really that dark outside. Sunday was more painting, followed by a trip to the cemetery and to Dos Reales with the in-laws. Yesterday we went over to Doncock’s house, were he grilled out and played washers. I’m not 100% on this, but I think I went one and fifteen in washers. I’m not very good. At all. And the one win was against a pregnant lady and a woman who said she’d never played before, and the game was pretty close. After that, we came home, my wife gave my son a bath where he decided he would take a crap in the tub (the second time in a row he’s done so), and we peeled off the tape in the bathroom before going to bed. And now I’m here at work and really fucking tired. Nice, huh?

I read that Bob Geldof has set up more Live Aid concerts which will take place in Philadelphia (where I’m sure Just Rose will be attending), Berlin, Paris, Rome, and London, which is a good thing as it’s for a good cause. The only reason I really mention this is that only recently have I become a fan of Geldof’s former band, the Boomtown Rats. I heard “I Don’t Like Mondays” on the radio, and heard a few clips on the radio and decided to buy a “Best of” album. But I’m really not sure how I should feel about admitting this though. I’m not sure if this should be a lame guilty pleasure or if it’s okay to like them. Their music is sort of like the punk bands of the late-1970s and early 1980s with more of a pop sound. And they are from Ireland, so I know my mom will be happy that I like them. But I also know that Geldof is kind of seen as dork now (at least from the impression I’ve gotten), and he’s even been knighted and has the “Sir” added to his name because of his Live Aid and Band Aid efforts since he quit the band and went solo. But really, to me, he’s more like a much less successful Sting than anything else: made great music and was cool when he was in a band, and pretty much does nothing for me musically since going solo (sorry, Silky D). Both also have taken up acting in movies and fighting for their certain causes, which I think makes them more similar. So I think I’ll stick to quietly liking the Boomtown Rats, and really not pay too much attention to Bob Geldof much. But really good cause though.

Well, have a great week. Check ya later!


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