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Monday, May 23, 2005

Sorry, Darlin'!

Quit fucking complaining already! I know it’s been a while since I updated this last. Get off my fucking back about it! Actually, last Thursday I stayed home as my son was sick. He had a temperature, but after some medicine, he was better and he acted fine the whole time. So I had a day to just play with him, which was really nice. On Friday when I got back to work, I was so busy playing catch-up that I just didn’t have time to write anything. After work it was just me and the boy as my wife had another baby shower to attend, so I had more fun with him. On Saturday, I went to the Parkville Brewers’ Festival with my wife, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and Caddylac, and it was pretty cool. Nine different breweries were there, and it was $15 for all the five-ounce samples you wanted. I had my share, although not as many as you’d think (or I’d have had if I wasn’t driving). Surprisingly, I think my favorite beer from the place was a Blackberry Scottish Ale from the O’Fallon Brewery near St. Louis, which was odd since I don’t really like fruit beers. But it was tasty. We all had a pretty good time, even though it sounded like the bluegrass band was alternating from playing the main song from “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and the theme to “The Beverly Hillbillies”. After that, we just came home and called it a day. Yesterday was yard work day for me, but it was needed and I got a lot done. I cut down six little trees that had grown in my yard in places that they shouldn’t have, mowed, and picked up dog crap. After that, my wife bought a little pool for our son that he played in for a while, which was pretty fun. And that’s about the extent of my weekend.

I TiVo’d “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and I watched it last night. It might have been the worst episode I’ve ever seen of it. First of all, Lindsay Lohan really needs to add back the 20 pounds that it’s been reported she lost. She looks gross. And the skits were all pretty unfunny. I don’t get it, because they have a lot of talented people on the show. They just need to work on the writing. I was really let down. Oh, and “The Prince Show” just isn’t funny anymore.

No, I haven’t seen the new “Star Wars” movie, and I don’t have any plans on seeing it anytime soon. Or at least not until I get my Chewbacca suit back from the dry cleaners.

(This one might get me in trouble at home) Note to all men out there: Never refer to your wife’s dog as a “cock blocker”! It doesn’t go over well.

July 10th is the premiere of “Surreal Life 5”, just so you know. Mark it now on your calendars.

Well, even though I didn’t write for a while, I don’t really have anything else to say. So….bye.


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