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Monday, May 02, 2005

Soccer Rocks!

I have to make this quick, as I just got out of a meeting and have a lot to do. My weekend was okay. Friday night I stayed home and watched my son while my wife went to a going away party for someone she worked with. On Saturday, I worked at the stadium for about ten hours. Not the most exciting day of my life. Two high school girls soccer games, the Wizards match, and a rugby match. It was a long day, although it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The two girls games were about as boring as they possibly could be, although the sound guy asked the one kid who was spotting from the Catholic school, “So, are you pumped about the new Pope?” For some reason that was really funny to me, as I can’t see a seventeen year old American kid getting too excited about that. The Wizards match was a 0-0 tie (pronounced “Nil-Nil”), and pretty boring too, although since I was running the scoreboard too, that made an easy job even easier. The rugby match was a little interesting, since I got to actually put up scores on the board. I didn’t know much about rugby, and still don’t. I pretty much just asked the spotter, “What just happened?” about every three minutes and put the score up if needed. I did get to sit next to the spotter’s girlfriend who was a sort of a Forrest Gump of Midwest sports. According to the hour or so that I sat by her, she told me that her dad played major league baseball, she has ten season tickets to the Chiefs, season tickets to KU basketball, dating a guy who played on D.C. United, went on a date with a Chiefs player, and was “best buds” with Kirk Hinrich. That was all she had time to tell me, otherwise I’m sure there would be a lot more. She was a nice enough girl, but she pretty much claimed to know everyone that someone mentioned, or at least had a story about him. I probably would have asked more questions about all she said or paid more attention to the rugby match, but after eight hours, I really didn’t care. Plus, I had to go to Caddylac’s birthday party afterwards, so I really just wanted to go home, change, see my supermodel wife and my son, eat my unfrozen burritos, and head over there, because I didn’t know how long I was going to stay awake. Oddly, I was up longer than I had been in a long time, as I didn’t get home until after midnight. It was pretty fun, as a lot of my friends were there (although my wife stayed home while the kid slept), and we bullshitted for a while. It was a lot of fun, but at about midnight I hit the wall and had to go home and sleep. On Sunday, I didn’t do much of anything. Woke up after 10, showered, did laundry, and got lunch. One of my wife’s best friends from college came over with her husband, and we chit-chatted for a couple of hours which was nice (except for the part where my son had diarrhea which went through his pants and got onto me). When they left, my son went to sleep and my wife went to run some errands, so I tried to fix a door and pretty much did nothing important. I grilled some chicken when my wife got home while she made everything else and gave my son a bath, and that was about the extent of my day. Crazy weekend, huh?

One thing I did see on television that I thought was something of note was the VH-1 show “Remaking Vanilla Ice”. A more appropriate title would have been “Attempting to Remake Vanilla Ice But to No Avail Since He is a Fucking Stubborn Jackass”. It was ridiculous. I’m pretty sure that he only wanted to be on TV, because he didn’t change anything. They offered him clothes suggestions, but he just wanted to wear a black shirt and black shorts like he already does. They offered him other style advice, but he didn’t want to look stupid like he said they made him look like in the early 1990s. They sent him to a seminar where he could learn trust, yet he wouldn’t do anything there. He had a meeting with some top choreographers, but he didn’t want to dance or do anything since that’s not his style anymore. He didn’t do one thing different on the show, except let someone write music for his lyrics which even his drummer said was the same lyrics he’s been doing for years. It was pretty much an entire waste of a show, and I want my hour back. The thing about it is they should have called the show, “How Vanilla Ice Has Remade Himself into a Fred Durst Clone”, because that’s all he looks and sounds like. And let me tell you Mr. Van Winkle, that’s not a good thing. At all.

Well, have a great week. I will try to update every day, but I don’t know how likely that’ll be. Especially on Thursday, although I think if I do, I will have a funny story for you that day. I kinda have a feeling about it. Believe it!


  • At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Special Ed said…

    I think they should have called the show “Vanilla Ice: Still a talent-less Jackass”.
    I can’t believe they even aired it. Unless they wanted to show what an idiot he is (which it did an excellent job of).I thought it was great that the record industry lady who was there for his “performance” said he was a 3 out of 10.

    I could think of a lot of other “one hit wonders” that could be reinvented. What about 3rd bass, Snow, Chumbawumba, Frank Stallone? Fuck anybody but Vanilla “Word 2 ya mutha” Ice. Maybe I'm getting old but who the fuck uses gang signs anymore (well except gansters, I talking more about over 30 white has been crowd)? I’m getting pissed just sitting here thinking about it……..maybe I’ll go smoke some weed and go work out….Oh wait that no talent ASS CLOWN is already doing that………. (Vanilla Ice not Michael Bolton)


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