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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Most Exciting News In Years!!!

ESPN is getting lamer by the day. Last night they had on a new show called “Teammates”. The premise of the show is exactly like “The Newlywed Game”, except the contestants aren’t married couples but teammates from a major sport (or the WNBA). I honestly only saw about two minutes of it, because their version of Bob Eubanks is the ever-charismatic Stuart Scott, quite possibly the most annoying person ever to have been on television for an extend period of time (including Jim Belushi and Susan Powter). He just sucks. Anyway, part of me wants to watch the show, just in case someone says a comment like that one lady who in response to the question, “Where is the weirdest place you’ve made whoopee?” responded, “In the ass.” Because I’m pretty sure that would come from someone on the Minnesota Vikings.

Click on this site for the most exciting news ever! It’s almost too good to be true. Eighteen extra minutes!!! Kick ass!!! I’ll be camping out at Best Buy on June 6th.

Do they really think that King Tut wore that much eyeliner? The Greeks were pissed at Oliver Stone for making Alexander the Great appear gay, so how outraged do you think the Egyptians are going to be after seeing that? And another thing, I had no idea that it was King Tut who was in “The Crying Game”. I might have watched it if I knew that.

Um….I guess that’s it for today.


  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger caddylac said…

    Scott is so weak...he must of graduated from the Chuck Wolery school of Game Shows. Have you seen "Stump the Schawab"? Possibly the worst name for a show ever. I think Stu is in love with the Schawab, from the one episode I have seen I think he touched the Schawab 426 times and told him he was "da man" or "as cool as the other side of the pillow" 273 times. He's just fucking awful, and could somebody please get this guy a new thesaurus of so called street slang, his book is as old as Berman's 70's songs.

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