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Monday, May 09, 2005

I Should Just Leave The Comedy Stuff To Tom Rhodes

How’s it going? I’m doing okay. It was kind of a busy weekend. Friday after work we had a graduation happy hour at Old Chicago for Ron Mexico, which was good. Saw a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in a while, and I talked to this girl in my group about the shit that’s gone down in my group lately. It was good, because I found out some crap that was interesting. I thought she was really good friends with the dude who was the one who forwarded my old website emails to the supervisor which caused me to end it, and apparently he’s said some shit about her behind her back too. So a lot of people are sick of him too (it’s not just me as I thought) and he’s saying shit about others, which shows a lot about him. I also found out he was pissed at me because I wrote about people who only shit in the private bathroom as he is one of them. Pretty funny. Anyway, I stayed there for a couple of hours, brought home dinner home, and pretty much called it a night.

On Saturday I was in bed until 10 AM, although I didn’t sleep well at all. I got up and didn’t do much except mop the floor and play with my son before going to work. Work was okay, although it’s still soccer. After the game I was invited to a graduation party for my friend Timmy. There weren’t a lot of people there, but I did get to talk to my pal Snydy who I hadn’t really talked to in a while. I also talked a bit with Timmy and my friend Erin too. The party was at this gay couple’s house, and it was a really nice house. It was kinda like I expected it to be: really clean. In fact, one point in the evening I mentioned to Timmy how tidy the garage was. It was cleaner than my kitchen. Seriously, and I had even just mopped it. Anyway, I actually had a lot of fun just talking with people and ended up staying later than I expected.

Sunday was a pretty nice day. Woke up early with the kiddo, and we played for a few hours. The weather was really nice in the morning, so we went on the swing for about a half hour. He probably would have stayed there for another two hours if I’d let him. Boy loves the swing. Eventually, my wife woke up, we gave her her Mother’s Day presents and I went out to mow. After that, I showered, ran a few errands, and finished cleaning the house as we were hosting my wife’s family for Mother’s Day. Dinner was good, especially considering that I grilled out the chicken and shrimp and it was actually edible and no one got severely sick (at least as far as I know). Everything else was really good, which is the norm since I wasn’t the one cooking it. It was a pretty good evening, and no one was seriously injured. I only had minor injuries. Apparently skewers on the grill get really hot and I shouldn’t grab them with my bare hand. I’m a genius.

I’m not much of a “pun” guy. I usually leave that for my in-laws and the “Sex and the City” writers. But the other day when were at Old Chicago, we were talking about Ron Mexico’s graduation this coming weekend, and someone asked, “Who’s going to Wichita?” I responded, “I am, and I know the White Stripes are too.” I don’t really even know if that is considered a pun, and I know a lot of you don’t get the joke and that the joke isn’t really even all that funny. But people gave me the weirdest looks when I said that. Not like a groaning “Uh, that was a bad joke, Jackass!” looks. Just puzzled looks. I think it’ll be best if I just keep my mouth shut from now on.

I need some assistance. At the stadium, they play movie clips with singing and/or dancing in them at halftime and other breaks in the action. Pretty much the only clips are from “Animal House”, “The Blues Brothers”, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, and now “Napoleon Dynamite”. I was hoping that some of you could put some examples in the comments of other movies that have that. People have thought of “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Grease” too, so if you have any others for me, please let me know. I would appreciate it. So until tomorrow, take care of yourselves.


  • At 8:05 AM, Anonymous justrose said…

    We are trying to come up with suggestions for you, me and ALa of Blonde Sagacity ....

    Lean on Me
    Duckie in Pretty in Pink
    Dirty Dancing
    Sister Act
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Fame (she said 'hello?')

    ... we weren't sure if you were differentiating between mass and solo interpretive dance scenes. She is a help to me here because I have seen approximately 12 films in my life, most of which had subtitles. Hope these are moderately helpful and not entirely unhelpful ...


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