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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I Now Can Embrace Inclusion

Work has calmed down a little, so I just spent the morning taking a class regarding embracing inclusion. It was a required class, and it was chock full of typical corporate bullshit buzz words. And talented actors and actresses. I was going to take another class (that’s also required), but I think I can only handle one dose of crappy acting at a time. That’s why I won’t buy or even watch “The Partridge Family: Season One” DVD. That’d be overkill.

Why do stories about Sharon Stone still make it to news? Seriously. What has she done since “Casino”? Besides have her ex-husband get his toe bitten off by a kimono dragon, which is actually funny. Sure, I’m glad that some orphan got adopted by a rich person, but Sharon Stone is about as relevant now as Roseanne or Chevy Chase. So unless she’s got another millionaire husband that she’s sending into the monkey cage at the zoo, I don’t think anyone wants to hear about her. Am I wrong?

Dave Chappelle is one crazy dude!

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Caddylac, his wife, I, and I’m sure others are heading down to Wichita for Ron Mexico’s graduation (my lovely wife is on call and cannot join us). We’ll be going to a couple of brewpubs, which should be cool. I’ve only driven through and never hung out in Wichita, but I can only imagine the wondrous things that go on in such a splendid town. Wichita. It just sounds like a magical utopia. I hope another one of my friends will graduate soon too, and maybe I’ll be able to make a trip to Topeka, Springfield, or even Des Moines. Although that might be a little too much excitement for me. I probably could have handled those places (maybe) when I was in my early twenties, but not now as a 30-year-old father. Wichita will probably be pushing it, but I’ve gotta go and support my Latin pal. Plus, did I mention that there are two brewpubs we’ll be going to? Yeah, Graduate!

Have a fantastic fucking day!


  • At 7:24 PM, Blogger justrose said…

    ah, the TQM synergy of corporate buzzwords ... not so much a problem as an opportunity.

    I did have a fantastic fucking day, thanks for the sentiments.

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