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Friday, May 13, 2005

How Shocking!!!

I didn’t see last night’s episode, but I finally saw last week’s two episodes of “The O.C.”, and that show is getting really bad. Not funny/cheesy bad like it used to be. Just bad bad. I almost think that the writers are just trying to put the dumbest shit in to see if the producers will let it slip by, and the producers have been sleeping or working on a new show or something, because it’s making it to air. I think the writers are thinking, “Kirsten is getting too boring, so let’s make her an alcoholic. Trey hasn’t done anything bad in an episode and a half, so let’s get him high on coke and have him try to rape his brother’s girlfriend. Hey Seth waited his whole life to get with Summer, and after he blew it last year, let’s make him blow it again by going on an MTV-styled Spring Break show and lick whipped cream off a stranger so she can get money for college, and then have Summer watch it at that moment so she’ll make out with Zach.” Really, the only things good about this show lately have been the Julie Cooper porno movie and Sandy Cohen and his eyebrows. And with the exception of the time he kissed Kim Delaney, has there ever been a more likeable character on a TV show before than Sandy Cohen? I doubt it. But seriously, they need to improve the writing fast, because it is getting brutal.

Last night we were supposed to have volleyball, but we didn’t stay. The weather was pretty bad (the wind was blowing my car around the road when I was driving), and we decided to leave, even though the place didn’t call off the games, although they didn’t turn the lights on yet around the courts when we left. Our team was in the parking lot talking about whether or not to stay, and my wife said, “I’m not going to have any fun if we play!” To which Doncock jokingly replied, “Well, if (Mrs. Fisty) is refusing to have fun, then I guess we shouldn’t play.” Damn right!

I don’t watch “American Idol”, at least not once they get to Hollywood, but I’m pretty pissed that they don’t refer to Vonzell as “Vonzie”. I think that should be a rule. Fuckin’ bullshit!

I can’t watch this at my work computer, but this is hilarious:

My wife’s “People” magazine had something on the cover about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and how the fact that they are dating is “shocking”. Really, is that shocking? An older actor dating a younger actress is shocking? Humphrey Bogart was 25 years older than Lauren Bacall. Warren Beatty is 21 years older than Annette Bening. Michael Douglas is 25 years to the day older than Catherine Zeta-Jones. Cruise is only 16 years older than Holmes. Seriously “People”, how shocking is that? If he was dating Kathleen Turner or Debra Winger, that would be shocking. Unless the article states it’s shocking because they believe the “Tom Cruise is gay” rumors, then this isn’t shocking. But what do I know. I still think that he’ll never do better than when he was married to Mimi Rogers in the late 80s.

Well, have a great weekend. I’ll tell you all about the wacky Wichita adventures next time. Late!


  • At 12:42 PM, Blogger justrose said…

    I enjoy the celebrity dish here. I stopped watching The OC, I felt they jumped the shark sometime during season one. I learned about the Renee Zellweger nuptials right here, and now it's on the cover of People! (Which is typically my only source of investigative journalism, and I have to wait from week to week to find out what happened). So thanks!

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