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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Random Ramblings

So how are you guys doing today? That’s fantastic! I’m doing okay. Last night was the last real night of bowling, as next week we get our prize money and then can go home. Some people talked about going out instead to celebrate the end of another magnificent bowling season, but we’ll see how that goes. I went to the bar across the street for about 30 minutes last night as a friend of Team Wal-Mart’s who I had met a few times at bowling is moving today to Ohio. It was actually okay, as the one girl who was puking and swearing at me when I was helping her drunk-ass get to her dad’s car a few weeks ago sincerely apologized to me for that, so that was good to hear. At least a lot better to hear than “Fuck you, asshole!” when I bought her a Mountain Dew that night. I didn’t see much of Rob Deer, Therese, or the real Rob since they were bowling at the other end of the alley (and were busy locking up last place), but it was an okay night. Even if I bowled like crap and we lost all seven points.

What kind of a world do we live in where Georgia police will give a speeding ticket to Chris Tucker and not give one to Webster? And both of these make national news? A pretty damn funny one.

Although at the same time, it’s a sad world. If Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton can’t work past their differences, who can? I’m crushed. Although the rumor about Paris hating Nicole because at a party to watch a tape of Paris’s hosting of “Saturday Night Live”, Nicole switched the tape with Paris’s porno is pretty damn funny.

And why does news of Ben Affleck allegedly getting engaged make headlines anymore? Wouldn’t you think being in pieces of shit like “Gigli”, “Surviving Christmas”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Forces of Nature”, “Reindeer Games”, and “Bounce” would make him no longer interesting to the public. Maybe if he made a good movie anytime soon, I would understand it. But does anyone really see that happening anytime soon? I didn’t think so.

Speaking of “Bounce”, a local TV station has a contest where contestants get to give a one-minute review of a movie, and then the best one wins a pass to see the Kansas City premiere of the new “Star Wars” movie and then review it for the station. I think it would be worth entering so I could use my “Bounce” review and say, “I could eat a canister of film and crap a better movie than that!” on TV. I think that’d make me a legend. At least in my mind.

Question of the day:

Since I don't have a magic eight ball or a Mentalo, I will ask you F.T.B. I have a job interview on Thursday, will I get the job?


Dear Six,
Absolutely. You are going to nail it! Be confident. Just make sure you ask them questions like as to why you should want to work for them. For some reason that always seems to work. By the way, what’s the job for? Peep show mop-up duty? Rectal thermometer tester? Anyway, good luck. And in the future, if you still don’t have a magic eight-ball, you can always look to your eight-ball jacket for advice.

Well, have a great day. Work’s gonna suck for me for a while. Even more so.


  • At 6:15 AM, Blogger justrose said…

    I highly recommend the eightball for its matchless wisdom. Mine is right beside me, and when I asked it if I should leave a comment here, it replied:


    If only Paris and Nicole had one, it might help smooth things out for them.

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