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Thursday, April 07, 2005

It's Round, It's Got Three Holes, And You Put Your Fingers In It!

So how’s it going? I’m doing okay. Bowling was okay. There are only two or three weeks left, so I’m running out of time to get my average over 200 (still stuck at 199). Nothing too eventful happened last night, which I guess is a positive as opposed to carrying out puking, cursing, drunk girl. Tonight sand volleyball starts, so hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun. Hmm…what else? Six Pat was supposed to come into town this weekend, but he had to back out. Something about his boy-pussy hurting, I think. Besides that, we hired some guys to redo our bathroom, and they’re starting it soon. So it would have been a little crazy with everyone having to share the same bathroom. Oh well, that’s my story for now.

You know, I’m kinda pissed off that the Pope didn’t leave me anything in his will.

Pink Ladee: The gay amendment passed (despite my wife’s and my “No” votes) by a 71 to 29 percent margin, so now same-sex marriages are still as illegal as they were before the amendment passed. Whew! That was a close one. I feel so much better now knowing that homosexuals cannot get married in my state. I also feel great about that fact that one of the state senators said on the news, “I honestly believe that the homosexuals do not want long-term monogamous relationships.” That is awesome! This guy is a fucking state senator, and he said this. On camera. They didn’t show anymore of his comments besides that, but I bet he added to those comments with something like “Because them homos just like to hop from bed to bed, screwing whatever they can, whether it’s other homos or even animals. What’s next? Them homos are gonna want to marry their dogs? Criminy!” I honestly don’t think I could be more embarrassed to live in Kansas in 2005 than I do. What a crock of shit!

How ‘bout dem Brewers?!?!?!?

Vincent Pastore lived up to his character’s name on “The Sopranos” the other day when he beat up his fiancé. “Big Pussy” is the perfect name for him after that.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Just so you know, there is a new “chatterbox” on the right of the screen right below my profile if you guys want to have a chat with others. So have fun with it, and I’ll talk to you later. Love ya!


  • At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Did you happen to notice the percentages by county of the yes and no votes to the marriage amendment? Every county except one voted pretty much like the average, 70% yes, 30% no. However Douglas County (full of college students) voted 35% yes, 65% no. That tells me our country is heading in the right direction. In 20 years, when these young people are making decisions, I'm guessing that amendment will be overturned.


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