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Friday, April 01, 2005

Hey Guys, I'm Actually A Woman! April Fool's Day Is So Awesome!!!

I’m not a big fan of April Fool’s Day. At all. It’s just stupid, and it makes people who aren’t funny try to be funny. Like radio DJ’s. I haven’t heard any yet, but I’m positive that every show on the radio will do one, and they will think it is hilarious. Especially the sports talk radio. I’m pretty sure that today, according to local sports talk radio, the Chiefs will have traded for Peyton Manning or Ray Lewis, the Royals will have gotten Johan Santana or Ichiro Suzuki, the Wizards will have obtained David Beckham, Bill Self will get fired, and Tiger Woods and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will come out of the closet. Hilarious stuff. I’m sure the other stations will too, like some rock jock will say that Marilyn Manson will be engaged to Hilary Duff or some country music DJ will claim that Toby Keith isn’t a complete tool and fraud. So just be ready. I’m sure the next thing they’ll tell us is that the Pope is dead. Oh you shock jocks sure are a clever bunch!!!

So Noah Wyle is leaving “ER”. Hmm. Interesting, I guess, although that would be such a mean, cruel April Fool’s joke. I didn’t know it was even on anymore except TNT reruns. After Clooney and Gilbert Lowe left, I figured the show was off the air. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode, but I figured they had already run every major catastrophe to the ground. Monkey pox, floods, kids killing kids, Balco and HGH, weapons of mass destruction, rising oil prices, right to life, etc. Who’s even left on the show? Did they bring in Susan Dey or Bonnie Franklin to fill the role of head nurse? Anyway, with Wyle leaving, we’ll all be lucky enough to get to see him in more classic movies like “The Myth of Fingerprints” and “Can’t Stop Dancing”!!!

I think Courtney Love playing Linda Lovelace in a movie is about the same as Julia Roberts playing Julia Roberts in “Ocean’s Twelve” or Eminem playing a white rapper from Detroit in “8 Mile”.

Well, that’s it for this week. This weekend should be exciting with it being “Large Trash Pickup” day tomorrow, along with a trip with the diggity dogs to the vet, and the season opener for the MLS. Although I’m not quite sure which of those will be the most exciting. Right now I’m leaning towards the trash pickup. Have a great weekend!


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