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Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Jerk!!!

Work is really busy. And stuff keeps changing. My group will have a new manager in two weeks, which will make it the third different one in less than four months. Love the corporate world! And I’m not really looking forward to it. Here is an excerpt from an IM session between Caddylac and I after I told him about the new manager, who he used to have as his manager:

Me: Hey man, my group is getting a new manager. It’s gonna be “Buffy”.

Caddylac: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Me: Yeah, thanks a lot.

Caddylac: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Me: Screw you, a-hole!

Caddylac: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

So basically, I’m not looking forward to the change. And I hate Caddylac. Well, I can’t hate him too much since it’s his birthday today. So happy birthday, Caddylac! And quit being such a douchebag to me!

Wednesday night was the last night of bowling for the year. We just messed around and just bowled for kicks, and it was pretty fun. And my wife and son came up to see me, so I was really excited about that. It really pumped me up and got me in a good mood. He even wore a bowling shirt. He seemed to really like the bowling alley. Lots of noises and lights. Plus, my friend Faith gave him a stuffed animal doggy, so he had to love that. Afterwards a few of us went out since it was the last night and sung some karaoke. It was pretty fun, and I sang a couple of songs and made an ass out of myself like I normally do. Although a few things disturbed me. One of which was hearing that “Save a Horse…Ride a Cowboy!” song. Holy shit is that one dumb fucking song! And it was made worse by everyone at my table singing it to me. Thanks guys. Why don’t you just plunge those knives into my ears too? It would hurt them about the same. Also, I found out that Rob Deer and his girlfriend, EJ, like country music. (EJ is really a big fan of Tim Hill, Faith Hill’s husband.) Whenever a country song came on, they’d be sure to sing it to me. The only good things though were that Therese and I sang “I Got You, Babe” and EJ did her Cher impression, which was pretty good. But they need to end that country music crap. At least around me.

If I can’t believe ”Star” magazine, really, what can I believe?

Last night at volleyball was okay. We went 6-0, but it was fucking cold and I was really tired and had a stomach ache. And the girls on the second team we played liked to wear sweatpants rolled at the waist to show their stomachs and lower back tattoos, which weren’t well-received by the girls on our team. I don’t think the guys minded, although it would have been better if they would have been better-looking. That always helps.

Here's a test, courtesy of Doncock:

Well, you have yourselves a great weekend. Be sure to watch some exciting soccer action on ESPN 2 tomorrow, unless you’ll be there in person like me. What a lucky guy I am!!!


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