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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What Will We Do Without Barry Bonds?

(Warning: The following paragraph contains a high level of sarcasm. Read with caution.)
Poor, poor, Barry Bonds. Yesterday he went off about how the media wanting to break him down and how they finally got him. Shame on you, media! You are evil. Shame on you for showing him being a jerk to kids asking for his autograph, telling them to, “Get a life!” Shame on you for reporting his involvement with BALCO and his use of steroids! Shame on you for reporting what his mistress of ten years said about him using steroids! Shame on you for showing what a complete asshole he is when he talks to reporters! I mean, you have to agree with Barry Bonds that the reason he is treated poorly by the media is because he’s black. It’s surely not because he is an unlikable prick. It’s cannot because he’s considered to be a horrible teammate. I can’t understand why the media wouldn’t treat Bonds better. Just because he’s rude, calls them racist, calls them stupid, questions their character and credibility, and is basically a complete douchebag to everyone he comes across gives the media no reason to report him being an sack bandit. They should go about their day not reporting these things. You know, because he’s black.

So Bonds will be out for at least half of a season or maybe the entire season, reportedly because he had knee surgery. Broadcasters have been speculating that part of the reason probably has to do with the whole steroids issue. Some have said that it had to do with the outing of his alleged affair. But really, I think we all know the real reason why he’ll be out so long. Because the player who will be batting behind him in the lineup will be Moises Alou. Which means that every time Bonds hits a home run, he’ll be giving a high five to Alou. That would be reason enough to sit out a season. (Click on the following link if you don’t understand:

Do you think if I dyed my hair black and wore Sex Pistols and Ramones t-shirts that I'd be as punk as Ashlee Simpson? Just curious.

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  • At 8:22 AM, Blogger caddylac said…

    FUCK BARRY!! If I hated Fist Tickle the last thing I would do is go up to him every other day and tell him that. I would keep my distance. Not Barry, he runs right up to anybody holding a TV camera and a microphone, just to tell them his poor little story. He's more of a liar than any media person. He says they ruined his life, yeah right. That's like me telling makers of Beer that they are the reason for my weight problem. Sports reporters should just tell Barry to go fuck himself. Hopefully he will never play again and will only be third on the HR list. I feel most sorry for his kid....His kid isn't crying because the media is saying that he uses 'roids, he's probably crying cuz his dad is a so disconnected from reality. I would cry everyday too if my dad were Barry.

  • At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pink Ladee says...
    I think you'd be MORE punk than Ashley Simpson, since you don't have a sister named Jessica and probably have some idea of who those bands are.
    Well, that and you most likely wouldn't be a shill for your creepy dad.
    (not that i'm saying your dad is creepy)

  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger c'dude said…

    I'm jut proud to be the only one I know that has a "Primus Sucks" and a an "Exploited" t-shirt. I just wish I could wear them to work.

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