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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Or Would It Be "Whacking Jacking"?

I am quite the consistent bowler. Last night I had a 603 series, bowling a 200, 158, and 245. That’s consistency, baby!

I never would have thought that Whitney Houston would be back in rehab! I cannot believe it.

This is just hilarious to me. Here are some of the titles of the magazines that they took from Michael Jackson’s house: “Plumpers”, “Juggs”, “Over 50”, “Barely Legal”, “Just Legal”, and “Finally Legal” along with “Playboy”, “Penthouse”, and “Hustler”. That’s just crazy to me. I never saw Wacko Jacko as a “Plumpers” guy. “Barely Legal”: yes. “Just Legal”: sure. “Finally Legal”: of course. “Plumpers”: not at all. There was no mention if “Big Black Ass” was there, but I imagine it might be too. If they made a magazine called “Teen Beat: Naked”, I could see him having a subscription to that. Especially if they had the “Webster” edition, or maybe “The kids of ‘The Goonies’” one. I’m also shocked about “Over 50” magazine, unless the “50” means “50 months”. Then that would make perfect sense. And how long will it be until they start referring to him as “Whacking Jacko”?

Does anyone else think that the whole “American Idol” phone mess-up was done on purpose? This “accident” just seems like a way to both promote the show and to have an additional episode of Fox’s number one show. People were talking like the guy who did the “screw-up” was going to get fired. Even if it was a legitimate mistake, you know they wouldn’t fire the guy. They probably would give the dude a raise. I hate made-up controversy, and this is all that this seems to be. Brick out!


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