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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm Not A Good Person!

So Terri Schiavo has finally died. Does anyone really think that she isn’t in a better place now than where she was the last 15 years? I’m not even that religious or spiritual, but really, death can’t be worse than where she was. In my politically incorrect statement of the month, let me say this: Schiavo was anorexic, so really don’t you think that having her feeding tube removed and dying of starvation is how she would have wanted to die? (I know. I’m going to hell, but not after living via feeding tubes for 15 years.)

The MLS Season Opener is only 2 days away!!! It should be an exciting season! Hahahahahaha!!! Man, I’m funny.

Pamela Anderson has a heavily promoted new show on Fox called “Stacked”, because it’s based in a bookstore and bookstores have stacks of books. I always thought that a better fit for her would have been that show “Titus”. Or since that show’s canceled, maybe they can make a show where she works for an air filter company and call it “HEPA”, like the air filter and vacuum company. Just an idea.


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    Only, FistTickleBrick, if she were mentally aware enough to realize how good she looked. Now, shut up and enjoy your ice cream.

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