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Monday, February 21, 2005

What's the Deal With Backing Into Spots?

I think I’m becoming suspicious of people who back in to park in parking lots. I just don’t get why they do it. I think it’s easier and safer to back out of the spot, as there is more room than there is when you back in between two cars (I can sort of understand why someone would do it if there weren’t any cars in the spaces next to a certain spot). So whenever I see someone backing in, I always think that they’re just getting their car ready for a fast getaway. Like there’s some shady business going down, and I need to stay clear of this person.

Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide (apparently), but as of now they haven’t stated whether there was a suicide note left or not. I’m sure if there is, it will soon be published for someone to make money off of. Part of me thinks that Courtney Love probably used Kurt Cobain’s suicide note to write a song for Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” album.


  • At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    People backing up into parking spots drives me nuts! I had a run in with a guy who was backing up into a parking spot and I didn't see his blinker (and there were no reverse lights on.) He actually sent his kid to tap on my window and tell me to get out of his parking spot because I had taken his. In the future, how do I know whether or not they have their blinker on because they want to park like a normal person, or because they want to "cool park?"

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